The 9 NEW colours from Farrow & Ball have now been revealed!

The secret is out! 

The new 9 Farrow and Ball colours have been revealed!

I went along to the event showcasing the 9 new exciting colours from Farrow & Ball – there’s always great excitement to see what the team have produced and to see the new colour stories. I know there’s so much work that goes into the production a new colour collection so I was very intrigued to experience the event and I wasn’t disappointed! I found myself in the gigantic sized bird box sitting in a birds nest with the egg! Painted in De Nimes. This quietly elegant blue feels wonderfully down to earth, it is inspired by the cloth of everyday workwear originally made in Nimes. Not a colour I’m likely to forget.
I loved seeing the different immersive environments designed to show off the new palette. My favourite has to be Bancha. A wonderful mid-century green, a darker version of the archive colour Olive. Named after Japanese tea leaves, it provided a feeling of security – it sits perfectly with the Fabulous Shouchikubai wallpaper in Theron, School House White, and Jitney, exclusively available to purchase from
My favourite name of a paint colour in this collection is Sulking Room Pink – a warm muted rose shade is evocative of the colours used in boudoirs, a room original named after the French ‘bouder’ to sulk.
A new great name to sit alongside the classics such as ‘Elephants Breath’ and ‘Pigeon’ 

Bravo Farrow and Ball now there’s a good name!
New Farrow and ball colours
9 fantastic new colours from Farrow & Ball

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