A vintage rummage through Hastings Old Town

Bargains galore to be had from a luxury rummage through the past in the junk stores of Hastings Old Town

Hastings, on the Sussex coast just about at the end of the end of the line from London Victoria is famous for seaside family fun, net drying sheds, and an award winning pier (amongst many other things). What we love best about Hastings today is the Old Town, where we love nothing better than a rummage through its wonderful junk shops.

There’s nothing like a bit of bric-a-brac to give your designs a spark of originality, and there’s no better place than Roberts Rummage (below) with its mad mix of brass and glass to get started.

Shopfront of Robert's Rummage, Hastings

Just a little way down the same street is the exquisite A.G. Hendy & Co, stocked from top to bottom with the world’s finest vintage and new household wares and furnishings, from sixteen kinds of scissors, crockery, brushes and cloths to lighting and furniture for every room in the house.

All kinds of everything can be unearthed to take pride of place in your home, from vintage shop displays to beautifully illustrated children’s books and weird and wonderful photography of all kinds.

Roll up to Hastings, roll up your sleeves and get rummaging!

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