A word with undisputed queen of the dark Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern – Queen of the dark

Designerpaint sat down to delve into the darker side of colour with Abigail Ahern, uncovering her inspirations along the way. mercer-greenand-black.jpgAll photographs courtesy Graham Atkins-Hughes DP When you travel, what is your favourite Country? AA It’s so hard to choose… Italy for the scenery, food and coffee, America because it feels like our second home – we lived there for a time. DP If you could travel back to any space in time what would you choose? AA 1950’s Hollywood. mercer-greenand-black2.jpg DP We can see you love your dogs (adorable by the way) do you take them to work with you? AA My studio is in my house so they are always with me. DP If you were on Celebrity Masterchef what would be your signature dish? AA Something simple, I’m sorry to say… Maybe bean chilli with walnuts (warm, spicy and comforting), fresh coriander on the side, served with salted plain yoghurt spritzed with lime and some tortillas. DP What’s your favourite colour combination for a kitchen? AA Black and green. mercer-green.jpg DP If you could pick just three items to accessorise a room what would you choose? AA Lighting, rugs, & flowers. AbigailAhern2-My.Life_.Style_.jpg DP What is your favourite book? AA I am Pilgrim, by Terry Hayes. I’m obsessed with it. DP What’s the best bit of advice you have ever been given? AA Follow your instinct. Abigail-Ahern-cactus-collection.jpg DP You clearly have a thing for Cacti – are they your favourite plants? AA I am obsessed with their jungly vibe, they are one of the easiest ways to make your pad feel relaxed, lived-in lush and sophisticated! DP Your mum being an artist must have been a big influence on you. Who’s your artist of the moment? AA I’ve just bought a painting by An Gee Chan. I adore her work! She’s a printmaking graduate of the Royal College of Art.

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