A taste of Indian design for your walls

All India wallpaper

Aunty Beeb has been keeping us glued to the telly, assaulting our senses with the mesmeric sights and sounds of incomparable India, sampling the rich texture of a billion lives in vivid colour and immersive sound. In time honoured wallpaperdirect blog style, here’s a collection of designs that will bring that little bit of India to your walls.

Celebrate the sari

Thanks to Y’Amal on Flickr for these lovely party saris… India_02.jpg Intricate, opulent and delicate pattern with bold celebratory colour… India_04.jpg Wallpapers from Albany and Sketch 23 get us off to a traditional-feeling start. India_06.jpgIndia_08.jpg

Playing with Paisley

Mini Moderns Darjeeling, along with their playful paisley woven from the deep reserve of British suburbia. India_10.jpgIndia_11.jpg A gorgeous paisley in the pink from Barneby Gates. Rajapur paisley in cyan and gold from Cole & Son. India_13.jpgIndia_15.jpg

Animal magic

Exotic animals make dashing deities. Thanks to Sathis Babu on Flickr for this glorious Ganesh. India_17.jpg Irrepressible elephants and handsome tigers carry us on to these offerings from Albany, Manoel Canovas and Paper Moon… India_19.jpgIndia_21.jpgIndia_23.jpg

Comfort food

What visit to India would be complete without Cumin, Coriander, Caraway and Saffron? India_25.jpg Exquisite flock wallpapers conjure memories of some of the pioneering curry houses that introduced the wonders of Indian cuisine to Britain. India_29.jpgOf course the modern British Indian restaurant (like the lovely Chaula’s in Lewes) has come a long way since then. I think a fresh, sumptuous vegetarian thali should get the weekend off to the perfect start!

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