Anaglypta has emerged from under the dado to spearhead a modern texture revolution.

Anaglypta modernista

Anaglypta, once a byword for austere Victoriana, may now be set to become the darling of decor modernistas.

Look closely at the cover of May’s marvellous Elle Decoration featuring the #EDapartment (the “best show home in the world”) and you’ll find the textured loveliness of Anaglypta’s Turner Tile providing the backdrop, painted in Farrow & Ball’s Pigeon Estate Emulsion.


Freed from the Victorian oppression of life below the dado, the gloriously reborn Anaglypta spreads its wings and soars to new heights covering entire walls in both EDapartment’s bedroom and living room.


Anaglypta is made for painting. Gorgeously funky colours turn traditional textures into modernist masterpieces.



Oh, and they do a great job of covering up dodgy old plasterwork too!

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