Jeff Koon’s cat is a blooming riot of colour

Bilbao flower tower

The North coast of Spain (24 hours away on the ferry from Portsmouth – dolphins, swimming pool, posh cabins…) is a heady mix of wild shoreline and concealed sandy coves dotted with quirky medieval towns and riotous basque culture. San Sebastian and Bilbao in the East offer glamour and culture with Michelin-starred dining and world class galleries amid the frenetic street gigs and all night parties of the huge August festivals. Untitled-1_01.jpg Jeff Koon’s huge floral cat towers sedately and flamboyantly over the entrance to Bilbao’s Guggenheim in a multicolour riot of flowers offering a remarkable backdrop to a million smiling selfies… Untitled-1_03.jpg Untitled-1_05.jpg Back at work now and holiday’s already turning into a distant memory, so here’s a bunch of happy flowers to cheer us all up. Just maybe they can help keep us going until next year! Untitled-1_07.jpgUntitled-1_08.jpgUntitled-1_09.jpg Please note that all these papers/fabrics are available to our customers in the UK, but we’re sorry to say they may not all be available everywhere in the world. Hey, if the worst comes to the worst you could always come and visit us in sunny Eastbourne!

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