A preview of the lovely Little Greene Blue colour card, coming September 2015.

Blue. Coming soon from Little Greene.

If you like blue, you’re going to love the new Little Greene Blue capsule paint collection coming out in September. There’s a collection of lovely wallcoverings to complement the colours too – more of those later in the year… We’ve had a sneaky peek at the new blue colour card in a London Little Greene showroom and enjoyed a chat with managing Director David Mottershead. 01_06.jpg David gave us a mini art history lesson. The colour blue has a fascinating past. Originally semi-precious Lapis Lazuli rock was ground into powder to make ultramarine – the most expensive of all pigments. This rare and expensive colour was only used by the most important artists. 01_08.jpg Ultramarine was the colour of the eyebrows on Tutankhamun’s fantastic funeral mask. Titian often reserved his blue for the clothing of the Virgin Mary, and Vermeer’s fine blues graced the headscarf of his beautiful Girl with the Peal Earring. 01_12.jpg Blues are so flexible as a base for fashion & decoration – what colour doesn’t go with denim blue? A favourite for young and old blue reminds us of nature – beautiful seas and summery skies. 01_04.jpg It’s confident and calming, clean and fresh. Could Blue be the new neutral? I think it just might… Come back to designerpaint and wallpaperdirect in September and see for yourself. 01_02.jpg 01_10.jpg

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