Spring cheer with Morecambe & Wise as temperatures soar with sunny wallpapers

Bring me sunshine

Morecambe and Wise are singing “Bring me Sunshine” on the radio, and the April weather is obliging with an unexpected heatwave. Turn the sound up and treat yourself to a minute of silliness with this clip of Eric and Ern’s classic closing sequence. Eric_and_ern.jpg What you might not know is Britain’s best-loved comedy duo made an advert for Dulux paint in 1972. See it about two-thirds the way way through this clip where mysteriously you never get to see their faces. The story goes that Eric and Ern provided the voices and stand-ins did the rest (including their famous skip dance at the end) to get round contract issues with the BBC. Screen_Shot_2015-04-16_at_11.47.55.png What do you think of it so far? Given their obvious interest in decorating, we thought Morecambe and Wise would be very happy for us to bring you some of our own sunshine by sharing these lovely sunny wallpapers with you, all available to order on wallpaperdirect and to collect in a Brewers store near you (now including one in Eric’s home town of Morecambe). Just make sure when you put your wallpaper up, in the inimitable words of the immortal Eric – you can’t see the join! Untitled-1_02.jpgUntitled-1_02-02.jpg Untitled-1_02-03.jpgUntitled-1_02-04.jpg

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