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Brushing out the lining paper

Hanging lining paper correctly

Our decorating experts tell you how to hang lining paper correctly in order to give you the best prepared surface for your chosen wallpaper.

Should it stay or should it go?

To strip off your old wallpaper or to paste new over the top? That is the question… Should it stay or should it go? In two weeks time, our household will face a potentially life-changing decision. Like millions of others up and down the UK, we’ll

PANTONE® colours of the year 2016

PANTONE® say dusky pink and lilac blue will soothe you through a frenetic 2016 PANTONE colours of the year 2016 Every year, the colour gurus in Pantone Towers unveil their colour of the coming year, setting the tone for colour trends in fashion and design.

Summer breeze

How to make pinwheels with left over wallpaper Summer breeze Wimbledon withers in record temperatures, the radio is full of expert advice on how to sleep in the merciless night heat, and our dog has swapped his spot in the sun for the shade. Here

Adventures in decorating

Adventures in decorating – our top 5 tips for choosing the perfect wallpaper design As my friends and family will tell you I love the theatre! So when I saw the new Cole and Sons Whimsical Collection, selecting wallpaper for my next room transformation was

The Colour Council

How to choose colours everybody can agree on The Colour Council If your mum asked you for a green jumper for her birthday, how would you make sure you get the green she likes? If you had to make a cinema advert for Coca Cola,

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