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Dive into Blue

Blue is a spectacular colour with unmistakable calming effects. Beautiful no matter how pale or dark, it is also one of nature’s favorite shades and when it comes to decorating your home, there is an ideal shade of blue for every mood and style.

Get in line…

Humbugs Tigers Pyjamas Stripes are a timeless chic design classic in clothing as well as in interiors and it’s true to say that vertical stripes give an illusion of height to you or your room! We love the simplicity and the enduring appeal of the

Designs with a line

Dynamic linear patterns inspired by the RA’s wonder staircase Designs on a line Google “RA staircase” and you’re in for a treat, as this screen shot of the results page from Google images shows. It’s the Royal Academy’s staircase, transformed last year into a huge linear

Tulips from Amsterdam from the air

Fantastic patchwork colours in photos of a flight over the Dutch tulip fields Colour fields This week we’re waxing lyrical over Tulips from Amsterdam (or nearby anyway) and we’re sharing this fantastic album on Flickr by Normann Szkpop showing unbelievable photographs of tulip fields from

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