Celebrate the Seasons: Spring

We seem to have been longing for Spring in the UK for so long and now here it is, right around the corner! It's the perfect season for decorating as the longer days and warmer weather bring the opportunity to fling open all the doors and windows. Welcome to the season of fresh starts and renewed optimism.

Picture credit: Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen / digital-photography-school.com

Above: Club Tropicana by Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen

Here is a perfect wallpaper for kitchens and dining areas, combining contemporary digital printed jungle leaves with a classic stripe design. Blue and white is an ideal colour combination – timeless and very easy to accessorize. Best used on all four walls and enjoyed with a chic little breakfast…..

Picture credits: weheartit.com / Tres Tintas

Above: Iridescent by Tres Tintas

Fresh, light and airy and in pretty pastels, this wallpaper couldn’t be more Spring-like. It might be a little too much for all four walls so we would suggest breaking it up with areas of paint, perhaps on opposite walls. We suggest picking out two or three of the pastel colours for your paintwork – get yourself some sample pots at designerpaint.com


Picture credits: Boråstapeter / Housebeautiful.com

Above: Spring Garden by Boråstapeter

Greenery, pops of colour and beautiful Scandanavian design make this wallpaper an ideal contemporary floral choice. There is something so cheerful about welcoming springtime into our homes with beautiful flowers reminding us of the anticipation of warmer weather and lazy days spent outside.

Picture credits: Apolina-kids.com / Harlequin

Above: Bon Bon by Harlequin

A Springtime colour palette isn’t all about pastels, these two gorgeous wallpapers from Harlequin’s Book of Little Treasures have the natural tones of speckled bird eggs. This is an enduring palette for any child’s room.

Picture credit: Harlequin / thesimplefolk.com
Picture credits: Metropolitan Stories / wallpaperaccess.com

Above: Blossom by Metropolitan Stories

Fruit trees in full blossom is the quintessential image of Spring. This delicate wallpaper is inspired by the Hanami festival in Japan where the fleeting beauty of cherry blossom is celebrated with picnic parties under the blooming trees. Transport yourself with this romantic bedroom wallpaper. 

Picture credits: Sanderson / ingreed.canalblog.com

Above: Chelsea by Sanderson

Taken from our exclusive collection with Sanderson, Chelsea is one of many favourite designs from their archives which we have re-coloured in collaboration with their design studio, bringing them up to date for a whole new generation of fans. This pretty colourway will appeal to vintage and maximalist looks and leave guests wondering how it can look so fresh when it seems it must always have been there.

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  1. Please advise the wallpapers shown in current April edition of Australian Home Beautiful? Tab: “watch the birdie” I cannot find them in your website


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