Colours to warm your cockles.

Chocolate, Caramel & Coffee

There’s a tiny chill in the morning air as the waning Summer sun sinks low onto Autumn’s hazy horizon. In the park the grass is set for just one or two more modest trims before the mowers are put away for another year, and lush greens give way to yellows, oranges and browns all around. This is clearly nature’s way of telling us to find somewhere cosy to settle down and take comfort in chocolate. Or chocolate and coffee… or chocolate and caramel… pics_02.jpg pics_04.jpg I could go on (between mouthfuls) but I’d rather snuggle down and reflect on a world sweetened with reassuring shades of brown to ease myself into this time of change. Now where’s that packet of Bourbons? Click these pics to visit our board on Pinterest. Click the room sets to buy paint on pics_09.jpg pics_06.jpgpics_07.jpg pics_11.jpgpics_12.jpg

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