Poinsettia display points to a perfect Christmas

Poinsettias paint a perfect Christmas

1_03.jpg Leaden skies may loom over lovely Lewes, but the window of No. 1 Lewes (remarkable antiques shop and stylist’s wonderland) features a heavenly poinsettia display that’s the perfect antidote to Winter. 1_01.jpg The Santa’s coat, deep scarlet flowers and undiluted green foliage make the Mexican winter warmer Christmas in a pot. But they won’t be around for long, so capture their spirit in paint with this selection on designerpaint… Santa’s coat: Albany Manuscript Santa’s coat that he’s had for a couple of years: Albany Traditions Berry Head Deep leafy green: Brompton Road from Mylands of London Deeper, leafier green: Juniper Green by Marston & Langinger Now, what time does the florist shut?

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