Paint palettes inspired by the decoration and art of the Bloomsbury group in Charleston Farmhouse, near Lewes.

The colours of Charleston

The BBC mini-series ‘Life in Squares’ is causing a mini tourism boom on our lovely Sussex doorstep. Style-conscious visitors are flocking to Charleston Farmhouse nestling under the South Downs to experience for themselves the indulgent surroundings created by the Bloomsbury Group who made Charleston their home. Charleston_01.jpg Charleston provided the perfect escape from London and became the place they expressed their progressive approach to love, art and learning to the full. Charleston_03.jpg Obviously, you’ll want to visit and see for yourself, but meanwhile who better than designerpaint to share with you some of those fantastic interiors, with elaborately hand painted walls, and fabrics designed by artists in the group. If you feel inspired to try your hand on your own interiors, we’ve chosen a palette of paints that will help you give your rooms a Bloomsbury touch. Our paints are available in a range of finishes (matt emulsions usually work best on walls). Sizes start with generous tester pots big enough to let you try out your own designs at a smaller scale before you take on that monumental mural. Charleston_05.jpg Charleston_06.jpgCharleston_07.jpgCharleston_08.jpgCharleston_09.jpgCharleston_10.jpg Charleston_12.jpgCharleston_13.jpgCharleston_14.jpgCharleston_15.jpgCharleston_16.jpg Charleston_18.jpgCharleston_19.jpgCharleston_20.jpgCharleston_21.jpg Charleston_24.jpg Charleston_25.jpgCharleston_26.jpgCharleston_27.jpgCharleston_28.jpgCharleston_29.jpg Charleston_31.jpgCharleston_32.jpgCharleston_33.jpgCharleston_34.jpgCharleston_35.jpg Charleston_37.jpg Charleston_39.jpg Charleston_40.jpgCharleston_41.jpgCharleston_42.jpgCharleston_43.jpg Charleston_45.jpgCharleston_46.jpgCharleston_47.jpgCharleston_48.jpg

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