Delicious design: wallpaper in the kitchen

We are huge fans of wallpaper in the kitchen! If there is one room where everyone gathers, this is it, so why not make it the most impactful space you have.

Sanderson Caverley wallpaper in kitchen
Picture credit: Josh Hemsley/ wallpaperdirect

Above: Caverley by Sanderson

So many people ask us whether they can use wallpaper in a kitchen, they are concerned about humidity and moisture from steam and heat from cooking and the durability in a hard working space. Well, it’s no secret that a kitchen area can carry these risks, but if you have a properly ventilated space and give some thought (and good preparation) to where you hang the wallpaper, then you can pretty much see the kitchen as a wallpaper space like any other room in your home. You should always avoid the ‘danger areas’ by using tiling or glass splash-backs and keep the wallpaper away from the heat and grease of the cooking area. You might choose to paper only the area above the wall units, or paper the walls on the opposite side of your kitchen, rather than the ones where the preparation and clean ups will be happening, but finding a place for wallpaper in the kitchen will always elevate the design of the space.

Picture credit: Sandberg

Above: Vinnie by Sandberg

Create a simple modern-country look with an arts and craft inspired wallpaper design, open shelving and rustic surfaces. We particularly love the shiny red colour-pop wall lamp and the light and airy window dressing, but it is the wallpaper in this kitchen which elevates the space from bland neutral to beautifully natural.


Picture credit: Sanderson

Stapleton Park by Sanderson

Colourful kitchens make joyful places to work or relax in. This impactful design provides the colour inspiration for the cabinetry below which have been painted in hues to reinforce the scheme.


Picture credit: Superfresco Easy

Coffee Shop by Superfresco Easy

Wallpaper designed with kitchens and bathrooms in mind are the best choice for those who are most concerned with the practicalities of kitchen life but who still want to embrace pattern over paint. This Superfresco wallpaper is both café themed and has wipeable and durable properties, making it ideal for high traffic areas such as kitchens and dining rooms.

Above: Curve by Envy

You should always find wallpaper in the kitchen at parties! 

These sunburst chunky rainbows made from a sugar-coated palette of colours are a cheery welcome whatever the time of day – or night.  A bold design that creates a statement, particularly when used on all four walls, is certainly the  quickest way we know to radically change the feel of a room in just a few hours.

Picture credit: Coordonné

Above:  Palma Linen Mural by Coordonné

Contrary to what you might think, mural wallpapers do not always dominate a room. We love this pared-back kitchen space where the free wall space has become the canvas for a work of art. The natural, muted colour and distressed background have a simplicity of design in keeping with the overall look of the room.

Picture credit: Sanderson Design Group

Above:  Borage by Morris & Co.

If you have a certain look throughout the rest of your home, then why not continue in into your kitchen too? This timeless design by Emery Walker at Morris & Co, could be used in any room but it seems perfectly placed in this delightful kitchen/ dining area. We adore the coordinating roman blind and contrasting pink-painted cabinetry too.

Below: Lamina by Harlequin

We’re seeing wallpaper used more to create focal points in kitchens, behind open shelving and inside glass cabinets. It is the perfect opportunity to have fun and embrace bold pattern and print, especially for those who like to be a little more subtle with their use of pattern and colour. As a bonus, you’ll find you probably only need a couple of rolls, bringing the big statement in on budget! The dramatic wallpaper shown here is in a colourway curated exclusively for wallpaperdirect, see more of this inspiring collection here.

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