Enchanted Gardens

Imagine the enchanted gardens of childhood story-books brought to life in your home. Whilst we don't all have access to a real one, we would all love a dreamy garden, so let us inspire you to create a space where you can relax, host friends and enjoy the feeling of sunshine, summer and fresh air!

Picture credit: Wallpaperdirect

Above:  Angel Trumpets by Isabelle Boxall

What better way to start a long, summer day with nothing to do, than waking up in this pretty bedroom? We adore this beautifully painted wallpaper design inspired by Angel’s Trumpet flowers, native to the tropics of South America and often found flourishing in the searing heat of Italian courtyards and city gardens. Its elegant shape is enhanced by the delicate hand-painted details, realised in a traditional botanical illustration style.

Picture credit: Albany

Above: Tundra by Albany

While our English summers can be especially lovely, there’s something extraordinarily seductive about the lushness and vibrant colours of a more tropical climate. The sultry, lush world of a fantasy tropical garden is brought to life in this superb wallpaper design. The dark wood furniture revival is particularly suited to navy and forest green and this brass legged low console is perfect against these hues.

Picture credit: wallpaperdirect

Above: Woodland Ferns by wallpaperdirect x Sanderson

Numerous studies have shown that being in nature improves cognitive functions and mood and help reduce stress. With more of us than ever working and studying from home we should try and make a conscious effort to make our WFH experience as healthy and pleasant as possible. This simple study area combines elements of nature art and a vase of simple stems.

Picture credit: A Street Prints

Above: Pasture by A Street Prints

Could there be anything more enchanting than a summer meadow? This wallpaper is shown to its absolute best on all four walls to give that immersive feeling. Creating panelling at furniture height keeps the look from becoming overwhelming, whilst serving the practical functions of protecting the wallpaper from scuffs and helping to keep the wallpaper spend on budget.

Picture credit: Morris & Co.

Above: Fruit Stripe Outdoor Performance Fabric by Morris & Co.

Hard-wearing and hard-working outdoor performance fabric is the most stylish addition to an actual, real life enchanted garden! Designed for luxuriating all afternoon….

Picture credit: Clarissa Hulse

Above:  Tania’s Garden by Clarissa Hulse

Romantic, peaceful and yet strikingly bold, this summer meadow at dusk wallpaper mural sets the atmosphere of the room. Bringing furniture away from the walls allows the mural space and, suprisingly,  can also make a room feel larger. We love the deep skirting boards and delicious Pink paint.

Picture credit: Clarke & Clarke

Above: Passiflora by wallpaperdirect x Clarke & Clarke

Embrace the more-is-more trend by doubling down on striking design. Pair our exclusive wallpaper with gorgeous upholstery fabric, bedding or a statement rug.

Below:  Forest of Dean by Sanderson

Artisanal, homespun and colourful, the folk-art look shares many of the qualities of vintage style, with its love of pre-loved and found objects.  Set bold paint shades against rich wallpapers and mix and match for an eclectic, exciting look.

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Old Garden by Majvillan

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