Fun and fabulous papers bring joy to your walls

Walls of joy

We’re happy. It’s Friday, it’s sunny and the weather forecast is good for the weekend. So our featured papers this week are adventurous and bright to fill your walls with fun. Cole & Son Whimsical is best described as err… whimsical! Bright orange angler fish illuminate ponds of deep blue and cyan as mysterious jellyfish-like anemones drift through the underwater world. Check out the gilded tea trolley and snarling tiger. Every home should have one. Untitled-2_02.jpg House of Hackney inject a powerful dose of red and magenta in a big statement floral. Untitled-2_04.jpg Farrow & Ball whip up great fluffy abstract balls of fun in Tourbillon. Are they clouds? Is that the sea? Blue ice cream or mashed potato? Untitled-2_06.jpg Mini Moderns tickle your fancy with teal, orange and gold feathers. Untitled-2_08.jpg And Prestigious do happy with the biggest, boldest zebra crossing of a stripe to give your decor the clearest direction. Untitled-2_10.jpg In fact we’re so filled with joy one of the team has been inspired to poetry… Joy appears in many guises Every colour, shape and size Means fun for walls and fun for all In every room (even the hall) …As a poet, I think she makes a very good stylist 🙂

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