Some last minute prep with Mel and Maisie

Everybody ready for Christmas?

This year, as ever, it’s a huge family Christmas at ours. Of course it’s not always easy entertaining in a veritable palace of decorating glamour, but after a couple of festive sherries I’ll be able to laugh in the face of gravy on the damask. By Boxing Day afternoon we’ll all be ready for a bit of fresh air and we’ll let Maisie, dressed in her favourite festive coat, lead us out for a saunter over the Downs to her favourite pub where she’ll flutter her doggy eyelashes to cadge crisps and treats. She, along with the rest of us will be on a strict diet after Christmas. At least for the first week. 1_02.jpg …anyway it’s time to wrap those last few pressies. If only I knew where to get some fantastic wrapping paper… Happy Christmas! 1_08.jpg 1_06.jpg 1_04.jpg

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