Farrow & Ball paint a perfect Christmas

F&Bulous for Christmas

CalkeGreen.jpg So the cards are in the post, aunties have been consulted on what to buy for nephews and nieces, the decorations are out of the loft, the tree is on the list for the weekend, and some of us have even ordered the Turkey (I’m just so organised, dahling!). Everything is as ready as it can possibly be for a tip top Christmas, and nothing can go wrong. Except of course it can, and usually does. Last year the oven went two days before the big day. The year before my long lost uncle from Australia decided it would be the perfect time to turn up on the doorstep on Christmas Eve, case in one hand, a box of cherry chocolate liqueurs in the other. My weakness for cherry liqueurs overcame the shame of ushering him up to our long neglected attic room. Luckily for him, his life is not governed by an acute awareness of interior trends, and he installed himself happily for the duration, blissfully unaware. This year I’m leaving nothing to chance, and thanks to inspiration from these images from colour geniuses Farrow & Ball, that loft room will finally get a Christmas cheer up. Now I just need to choose 2.5 Litres of the perfect colour on designerpaint… Rectory Red is Santa in full regalia. Imagine the rosy red cheeks of the little children as they discover their stockings with beaming smiles on Christmas morning. xmasrectoryred2.jpg Calke Green could turn that loft into a forest wonderland fit for Rudolph and his frolicking reindeer friends. CalkeGreen2.jpg Stiffkey Blue is a serious contender. Named after the colour of the marvellous mud on Stiffly Beach in Norfolk, to me it’s like snow-laden skies. Could this possibly be my perfect Christmas backdrop? stiffkey.jpg And Great White, as pure as the driven snow, will let any kind of cheery decoration stand out all year round. Great-White-Festive-Living-Room.jpg One tin of paint will quickly transform the space whichever way I go. But which one? Luckily, there’s still time to order my Farrow & Ball colour card and sample pots on designerpaint and try them out before I take the plunge. One more thing ticked off the list – Merry Christmas all!

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