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This November 5th we braved the rain on the streets of Lewes for the magical mayhem that is Lewes bonfire night. Lewes bonfire features thousands of otherwise ordinary locals who once a year don candy-striped jumpers or more exotic costumes (zulus, romans, vikings, the cast of Star Wars and many more) and dance through the streets (to the beat of Dutch samba bands) wielding flaming paraffin-soaked torches under a continuous barrage of the loudest bangers you can imagine. Fireworks_03.jpg Photo: BN1 magazine Fireworks_07.jpg Photo: Fest 300 If you’ve been in the news, you stand a good chance of being burned in effigy at one of five huge fireworks displays. This year’s burnees included Jeremy (bless him) Clarkson, Sepp Blatter (head of THIEFA), and a horribly naked David Cameron wielding the pig’s head from his fabled university dining club initiation. Fireworks_01.jpg Photo: guardian Of course any fireworks night will make you think sparkle and stars, but Lewes bonfire costumes mix the macabre and irreverent (skeletons, animal-headed people, pirates) with a kind of Where’s Wally in reverse created by the multitude of stripy jumpers. Fireworks_05.jpg Photo: Luke McGregor/Reuters In the cold light of the following day, the streets and the people of Lewes are back to normal. The only proof that what you saw really happened is the ringing in your ears. Next year, if you want an adventure, come to Lewes and see for yourself. Meanwhile, maybe we can create bit of magic with wallpaper… Fireworks_09.gif Fireworks_11.jpg Fireworks_13.jpg Fireworks_15.jpg

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