Tea and cake. It’s all you need.

Fondant fancies

So the Great British Bake Off has come to a delicious end. Nadiya’s remarkable jewel-encrusted wedding cake has inspired a bit of an appetite amongst the wallpaperdirect team, so this week we thought we’d take a Wonka-style tour of the magical world of tea shops.


We begin in Vancouver, Canada in the wonderful pink and peppermint kitsch of the the Butter Baked Goods Tea Room. Thanks to Bethie the Foodie at Nom for these delightful photographic confections. blog_21.jpg Chelsea and Cecile Rose Sanderson’s Vintage 2 collection gets our vote for vintage tea room chintzy spectacular wallpaper of the week. blog_03.jpg blog_01.jpg


Mayfair’s magnificently mouthwatering Sketch, top to toe in pink features bucket chairs that look like they’re made from enormous fondant finger biscuits. Please – don’t eat the furniture, madam. Cole and Son’s Puzzle and Delano make delicious coverings for your walls. It’s all we can do to resist a sneaky lick to see what they taste like! blog_07.jpg blog_05.jpg Farrow & Ball’s Tourbillon is a mouthwatering ice cream meringue of a design. Wallpaper whippys, anybody? blog_09.jpg And Arthouse’s Glitz Pink is a fondant fancy that will be the icing on any cake. blog_11.jpg


Konditor & Cook is the Wonderful Wonka of Waterloo. A world of confectionery delights waits behind their boysenberry doors. Their delightfully designed and exceptionally engineered wedding cakes display wonder and wizardry for the eyes and the taste buds. blog_15.jpg blog_19.jpg Vymura’s Isabella echos that juicy colour with a flourish of lilies. blog_31.jpg And Sandberg’s Rene looks like the poshest piped icing fit to grace the greatest of cakes. blog_13.jpg Time to call the Cake Hotline!

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