Forever Summer

Whatever the season, there is something eternally whistful about the pleasure of summer; evoking memories of cloudless holidays, absolute freedom and endless days. Create a home with a luminous sense of year-round sunshine and vacation style.

Picture credit: Prestigious

Above:  Santorini Fabric by Prestigious 

For a summer vibe we keep returning to this fantastic fabric collection inspired by the natural beauty of Grecian islands. The Santorini Collection presents a quintessentially Mediterranean range of prints, damasks, and tactile jacquards. The painterly watercolour designs are presented on a linen-look fabric for a laid-back, rustic finish, with complementary weaves working alongside tile designs for a cohesively Grecian look. A palette of washed cobalts, muted corals and soft teals capture white-washed Aegean shores, presented with sandy tones and shale grey hues for a contemporary take on the Mediterranean theme.

Picture credit: Mini Moderns

Above: Porcellano by Mini Moderns

A visit to the stylish Italian hotel Maison La Minervetta, perched on a cliff top overlooking Sorrento harbour, inspired Mark and Keith of Mini Moderns to go souvenir hunting in the streets of the old town. The result is this full-colour trompe l’oeil explosion of hand painted ceramic plates depicting nautical scenes and culinary treats. Perfect in a kitchen or dining setting, we also think this would be a great bathroom option for lingering warm baths to transport you to warmer climes on winter days. As shown here, we recommend a cobalt blue paint as the perfect decorating partner for this wallpaper.

Picture credit: Little Greene

Above: Upper Brook Street by Little Greene

This design features brightly coloured flowers, commonly known as torch lilies or red hot pokers. To replicate a natural scene behind the pokers, Little Greene has adapted a motif from its Stag Toile paper, shown here in the ‘Soleil’ (‘Sun’ in French) colourway and perfectly paired with a yellow painted door. Supplied in a standard 10m roll, there are three drops each 52cm wide and each 3.25m in height. The pokers repeat every drop but the full background scene is only completed when all three drops are hung.

Picture credit: Wear the Walls

Above: Castaway by Wear the Walls

Castaway is a modern take on a traditional ‘Toile de joy’ style print. Featuring a ‘lost in paradise’ landscape which includes mountains, flying flamingos, palm trees, ship wrecks and a lighthouse. We love the choice of this wallpaper in a dining room where it would be a great conversation piece and a fun theme to table-scape with.

Picture credit: Albany

Above: Medina by Albany

Named after historical North African old walled city districts, this immersive design evokes the wonder of discovery. This would work perfectly in hallways and landings where it would create a mood of exploration and finding one’s way through the magical labyrinth of streets.

Picture credit: Mind the Gap

Above:  Azure by Mind the Gap

Serene Greek vibes breeze through this carefully detailed work of art, painted out in pristine blue. Inspired by ancient Mediterranean handmade tiles, the Azure mural wallpaper sets the background of a paradisiac summer home, shrouded in a light cyan-blue hues. A mesmerising statement wallcovering full of vibrant details showing a scenic view of the Mediterranean coast somewhere in France. We can almost taste the salty air!

Picture credit: Coordonné

Above: One day at the beach by Coordonné

What a perfect spot to sit and dream…… A day on the beach is always going to be preferable to a spreadsheet, so if you can’t actually get to the beach, then bring the beach to your work/ study space! And whilst we are here, please note how stylishly this area has been zoned – wallpaper and rugs are the very best way to mark out multifunctional spaces.

Below:  Rabatt by Boråstapeter

‘Rabatt’, roughly translated from Swedish to English, is the name for a bed in which flowers are growing. What could be more summery than that? Ice-cream of course! We love this folksy little alcove with its perfectly put together elements and cheery, welcoming artwork.

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    • Our favourites change every week as we see new product coming into the office! We agree that Upper Brook Street is absolutely stunning.


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