Nostalgie: fun times ahead…

Galerie's Nostalgie is a collection compiled from some of its recent bestselling designs: playful postcard and poster montages; enamel signs with travel themes, adverts, flying machines and steampunk influenced metal tiles. Fun times ahead

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Nostalgie: looking for fun times... ...and finding them

If you’re looking for quirky, look no further. Nostalgie adds fun by the bucketload or, in this case, by the roll. This collection summons the spirit of those times when mythical explorers journeyed to the centre of the Earth*, went 20 000 leagues under the sea* and were the first men in the moon**.

(*These are books by Jules Verne, and **HG Wells)

Nostalgie: think communication.

link to Galerie Nostalgie Randomly placed type blocks
Nostalgie: Warm textures of yesteryear
Letterpress metal type link to Galerie Nostalgie
These letters are cleverly arranged so as to be random and not to spell any words.

The 19th Century was the age of the poster, whether advertising a sporting event or who’s playing at the local music hall. Prints of randomly-placed letterpress type, now redundant in the digital age, make an excellent decorative wall.

Nostalgie: Think exploration, this was a vibrant period of creativity and great discovery.

Link to Galerie Nostalgie fun times
Remembering stories...
Link to Galerie Nostalgie fun times of the imagination
Link to Galerie Nostalgie fun times

These days, it is easy to go round the world in much less than 80 days. Those times may have gone but Steampunk is here to stay.

Link to Galerie Nostalgie
Strike a chord

Nostalgie: reminding you of the fun times you’ve yet to have.

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