Q&A with our lovely fellow bloggeuse Keri-Anne of Ginger Lilly Tea fame

Ginger Lilly Tea

This week we’re delighted to bring you a Q&A with the very lovely Keri-Anne, product photographer, craft queen and bloggeuse behind the wonderful Ginger Lilly Tea
WD What’s the best decorating advice anyone has given you?
KA To decorate your house how you want it and not because something is on trend. You have to live in your house everyday so you have to love how it looks and feels.
WD What inspired you to get into blogging? KA I started blogging as a very angst-ridden teenager. I actually kept many written diaries from an early age which I still have and then started online blogs. I changed blogs three times before settling with the blog I write now. I would just write fairy tales and short stories on my other blogs and I love reading them back for inspiration now.
WD What inspires your own home interiors? KA I love to create features in my home of items that are nostalgic to me. I have botanical prints, flower fairy prints, lace dresses and flower crowns all over my house. I love to have a constant aura of inspiration and creativity around me.
WD What’s your favourite ‘colour or trend’ at the moment? KA I love pastels and botanicals. Botanical prints and charts, as well as hanging succulents and plants in the bathroom. I love the idea of bringing the outside indoors.
WD How do you relax? KA I love to go for long walks through forests and meadows and explore. I always take my camera with me and a basket to collect little treasures I find along the way to bring back and display in the house.
WD What’s your favourite working lunch? KA I love to have soup all year around. Soup and rolls always make me feel cosy.
WD Favourite wallpaper at the moment? KA My very favourite wallpaper is the Torridon by Mulberry Home or the Richmond by Sanderson design.
WD Chocolate or sweets? KA Chocolate always! But it has to be Cadburys.
WD Favourite room in your home? KA My bedroom
WD 3 things you love? KA My family, adventures and photography

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