Get that GIDC look

…if you dare!

We’re loving the new series of the Great Interior Design Challenge on BBC2. In the hope that you lovely readers are loving it with us, we thought we’d take our favourite room from this week’s show and help you get the look.
The contestants were briefed to take a very traditional space…
…and turn it into a room that was “sophisticated with a touch of daring”. We were in for a treat. Amateur designer (and doggie day carer) Holly called her scheme ‘Sultry grownups teddy bears picnic’.
GIDC-blog_02.jpg Images thanks to the BBC
Maybe that provocative and slightly potty title had something to do with it (oh surely not?), maybe it was the wall to wall dog wallpaper…
…maybe that cranky steampunk lamp. Whatever it was the homeowner felt it wasn’t quite sophisticated enough, and for Holly it was back to the mood/drawing board.
Despite her love for all things canine, Holly decided to ditch the Purebred Navy (Spaniel) wallpaper by Thibaut and blow out the steam punk, going with a full on TV weather forecaster’s chromakey blue painted backdrop between the beams. OMG is probably the best way to describe it.
A little bit of that steampunk slipped through the net with Holly’s belt stool (hints of leads and walkies, anyone?).
Holly’s design was so loud it made her tartan curtains look positively tame.
Can’t wait ’til next week!

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