Dastardly pumpkins from the incomparable Slindon Pumpkin Festival

Halloween it like you mean it

If our house is going to do Halloween… we’re going to do it properly. There will be no namby-pamby gap-toothed smiley pumpkin glowing benignly from our window sill. The Ad(d)ams Family will be opening our creaking front door under the malevolent gaze of the scariest, meanest pumpkin on the block. meanpumpkin.gif We choose our lovely wallpaper suppliers very carefully, and I’m happy to say we apply the same exacting standards to our horrible pumpkins. And if you live near West Sussex you too can enjoy (probably) the best presented selection of pumpkins in the world at the Slindon Pumpkin Festival. Untitled-1_02.jpg It’s one of the most eccentric spectacles of the year, running about a week either side of Halloween. What they do with pumpkins, marrows and gourds will brighten your day no end, and they can supply every size, shape and colour of pumpkin imaginable. Untitled-1_04.jpg Thanks to Mark Bridge on Flickr for the use of these fantastic photos, including this one which reminds me of the cartoon ghosts from the old video game Pac Man. Untitled-1_06.jpg I wonder if the people behind Marimekko ever went? Kompotti could be Slindon’s spiritual cousin. Untitled-1_08.jpg Portobello from Sanderson also displays a healthy disregard to formal food presentation! Untitled-1_10.jpg So enjoy Halloween, and give your inner Morticia free rein – keep it scary!

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