Hankering for a Hacienda – Seville by Cole & Son

Seville by Cole & Son – a new collection takes us on an exciting trip through Spanish style

Alfaro Seville

It’s not hard to see why the Andalusian capital captures so many hearts. Feast your eyes on bright and frothy Bougainvillea. Stamp your heels to the rhythm of the flamenco guitars and the clack of the castanets. 

Posters and packaging, tiled boulevards and sun-drenched colour, Seville personifies ebullient southern Spanish style, and the latest collection Seville by Cole & Son takes us on a whistle stop tour.

Spanish backstreet steps

Blissful bougainvillea is Seville’s backdrop and border.

Bougainvillea by Cole & Son
Flamenco Fan by Cole & Son
Flamenco Fan
Cacti on elaborate ironwork shelving

Elaborate ironwork, cool, chalky walls and fiery terracotta frame dramatic dusty grey-green cacti.

A delicious glass of white rioja

Time to find a back street bar for mouth watering tapas, with bread and olives washed down with some delicious white Rioja…

…Well we can dream!

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Flamenco Fan

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