A look at the endless invention of bento boxes

Happy meals

Lunch is never dull at wallpaperdirect Towers, and this week we’ve been particularly inspired by our Suzie’s scrumptious bento boxes. Ever the creative, Suzie puts a whole new spin on playing with her food, tucking in to lovely little lunchtime stories creatively crafted from cauliflower and carrots.

Bento boxing soars to remarkable heights in its Japanese home, where school lunch boxes become a battleground of imagination for the remarkable invention of the most artistic mothers. Judging by these wonderful designs we found on Pinterest there must be some very creative kitchens working late into the night ready for school the next day.




So, in the interests of inspiring creativity everywhere, we’ve put together a collection of happy, graphic wallpapers to give every home a cupboard of creative ingredients to inspire your own invention.

Stripes, polka dots, graphic flowers, triangles and bright, happy colours make a super jolly mix that will get the creative juices flowing…




bento_08.jpgDon’t settle for ordinary – put a little flavour in your life!

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