Juicy sunshine shades to get you in the mood for holiday

Holiday colour

Work weary? Weather dreary? Kids desperate to end an interminable term? Get your head ready for holiday with a splash of hot climate colour – courtesy of mimosa, bougainvillea, lemon and all the gorgeous flowers that will illuminate your little piece of paradise this summer. Page-right-master_02.jpg Page-right-master_04.jpg Page-right-master_06.jpg Page-right-master_08.jpg And if you have to stop at home, you can cheer things up with a splash of colour that will stay with you all year round. Close your eyes and you’re almost there… Page-right-master_10.jpgPage-right-master_11.jpgPage-right-master_13.jpgPage-right-master_12.jpgPage-right-master_14.jpg

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