The nights are drawing in, the days are cooling down, it’s hibernation time.

Hunker down time

Once in a while, luxuriating under the Summer sun on holiday I close my eyes and imagine what it might be like to be a soaring eagle, a majestic lionesses, or a happy dolphin free and fearless in the big, wild world. By contrast, when the days draw in and temperatures plummet, my thoughts turn jealously to the humble hedgehog, hunkering down ready for the wonderland of Winter’s hibernation. Time for early nights. Embrace the dark, sweep the chimney and get warm and cosy in front of the fire with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and a blanket for my knees.
Now’s the time to make your home a rustic retreat. Head for your very own cosy cabin in the woods. It’s time for rugs, throws and animal prints, plenty of texture and dark, cosy, comforting colour.
This beauty, sitting in 15 acres of its own land to the north of San Francisco is yours for (an average of) £969 per night:
The Norwegians, whose sun goes down much further than ours know a thing or two about cosy cabins, like this one by Siv Munkeberg Brenne.
Here’s a knitted hedgehog from Scion to get us in the mood.
And probably the simplest self-build you’ll ever see with this wonder wood wallpaper from Albany.
Fur. Pretend you’re Grizzly Adams.
And even stone can look warm in the right colours.
Driftwood. It feels like you just collected it off the beach.
This, and twenty more rustic bedrooms on Best of Interiors.
See you again sometime in Spring.

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