Post-war decor…

Post war decor

Page-right-master_01.jpg These delightful Ideal Home covers from 1948 caught my eye. I love the painterly illustrations of the homes instead of photographs. Only the covers were printed in colour (Austerity Britain – was printing ink rationed?). Much more emphasis on words over pictures inside, but the amazing interiors from the houses on the cover make fascinating features… Page-right-master_09.jpg
June 1948 – Church Cottage
Lovingly restored by an architect as a home for himself, built from traditional Cotswold stone. The interiors are simple and quite masculine.
The big, bold surprise comes in the sitting room, with this flamboyant fabric making a huge statement. We’re told the colours were fawn and rust. Nice! – I think?
If this was my country retreat I’d probably go for a Sanderson fabric for the curtains and a warm stone paint.
January 1948 – Upper Parrock
Older than the Domesday Book (sic) this imposing Sussex pile was formally decorated in a style befitting its grandeur. Replete with opulent velvets, brocades and tapestries hung in the doorway to keep out the draughts. Persian rugs are scattered across the flagstones. I’ve spotted five arrangements
of fresh flowers. Can you see more?
Mrs. Ball (née Farrow): “Darling, I had the oddest dream last night.
I visited the decorators’ merchant and the man behind the counter
Mr Ball “My goodness, dear. You really do have the most fantastical
imagination. The very thought of such a thing!”
Of course, if it were left to me I’d lighten the look in this house but still use a pretty damask fabric for the curtains – what do you think?

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