The world’s favourite wallpapers come from the same place Laydbird Books began. What do Peter and Jane think of that?

Ladybird Books and the Wallpaper Factory

The world’s favourite wallpapers come from the same place Ladybird Books began. 10th_01.jpg In 2015 Ladybird Books turned 100 years old. Responsible for many 1960’s children’s first reading adventures, their stories came from a world centred on a snow-white suburban England where Daddy did something important in the city, Peter played cowboys and indians, and Mummy did the housework (with the help of Jane). 10th_03.jpg Ladybird by Design is a brilliant exhibition just down the road from us at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill (until May 10th). It explores how the Ladybird story shifted with the times with Jane turning tomboy, and brother Peter and Daddy taking the occasional turn at washing up while mummy got on with the decorating (for instance!). 10th_07.jpg Helen Day’s Twitter feed (she has a collection of 7000 plus Ladybird books) brilliantly compares the original illustrations with their updated PC and health & safety-conscious twins. Hours of fun! 10th_05.jpg Ladybird became part of Penguin Books in 1998 and moved out of their print works in Loughborough in 1999. In 2005 Anstey wallcoverings, specialist wallpaper printers for the world’s most iconic brands (including Sanderson, Harlequin, Zoffany and Morris) moved in, bringing with them design classics of their own. Anstey can call on a huge repertoire of expert print techniques (including block printing using William Morris originals) to produce the most gorgeous traditional wallpapers, and the latest innovations to create brilliant surface effects or wide-width digital murals. So Ladybird House lives on in classic print, even if the Ladybird Books style of today has long since lost that wistful 60’s style. If by chance this has left you craving beautifully illustrated wallpapers we’ve curated a small collection for you to click on and explore. Peter and Jane think these would look nice on any wall in Mummy’s house! 10th_09.jpg10th_10.jpg 10th_12.jpg10th_13.jpg 10th_15.jpg10th_16.jpg

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