Theatre wallpapers for London and Broadway

Let’s do the show… RIGHT HERE!

London’s lovely V&A has opened an exhibition celebrating 40 years of the Olivier Awards and the world’s greatest centres of theatre – London and New York. CURTAIN UP runs until 31st August 2016. Theatre_01.jpgDisplays around Phantom of the Opera, A Chorus Line, War Horse and Wolf Hall explore the huge artistic collaborations that come together to create these epic productions. Theatre_03.jpg Theatre_05.jpg We’re no strangers to the world of theatre at wallpaperdirect. Dramatic flocks, plush velvets and glittering sparkle are all waiting for you to audition them with a free sample. Theatre_13.jpg If you want to bring the theatre right into your room, collections from Cole & Son and Albany’s Performance can bring you your very own Madame Butterfly, Chorus Line and many more. Theatre_07.jpg Theatre_11.jpg Theatre_15.jpg You can also sample New York’s Broadway (see Yvonne A K Johnson’s show listing here) and London’s Theatreland from the outside with offerings from Arthouse and Albany. Be careful on the streets, though. Make sure you don’t break a leg! (sorry, sorry…) Theatre_09.jpg Theatre_19.jpg Theatre_17.jpg

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