Polka dots, flowers and hearts. Unashamedly pink girl power.

Little Miss Sunshine

We’ve always encouraged our niece to grow up healthily pushing the boundaries of gender expectations. Lego has always been a hit, along with books on creepy crawlies and snakes. A fierce loyalty to football is probably the most off-stereotype thing among the many many things we love about her, even if her favourite team is Brentford.

But a visit to her bedroom reveals an irresistibly soft girly dream room. A poem in cerise, polka dots and flowers delicate enough to grace the bed of the fairest, most sensitive princess in the land.


Snow white walls, floor and ceiling offer a perfect counterpoint to pops of pink polka dots, ginghams and roses. Girly, but cool & sophisticated. Just like her auntie!



098546thumb.jpg   088109thumb.jpg   080802thumb.jpg

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