Performance art – fabric flower power

Lose yourself in florals

We love fabrics as well as wallpaper, and if we can wrap up a little artistic expression with that we love it all the more. So can you imagine our joy at stumbling across the stunning fabric photographs of artist Cecilia Paredes?

Thanks to Interlaced-Textile Arts on Facebook we can share Cecilia’s beautifully crafted images that weave her directly into the bold colours and graphics of these fantastic floral prints.





Suitably inspired, we’ve had a sort through our fabric drawers to find these beauties from Sanderson Vintage 2


We’d happily wrap ourselves in these painterly florals from Harlequin’s Amazilia collection


And one or two of us have been casting an admiring glance or two at these hot, bold, latinesque lovelies from Matthew Williamson’s Cubana collection.


Viva flora!

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