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In the lap of luxury

Close your eyes and imagine the most luxurious thing you can dream of… Are you cruising down the Amalfi coast road in your open top Ferrari, the wind blowing through the few wisps of your golden hair that have escaped the embrace of your Hermes headscarf? Are you tucking into a supper of Beluga caviar and Cristal Champagne on your private Indian Ocean island as the waves lap gently on the soft, pure white sand between your toes? Luxury means different things to different people, but money (the best ingredients) and time (doing things really, really well) are the two things that go hand in hand to bring us luxury in all its forms. What is Luxury? – an exhibition on until September 27th at the V&A takes a long look at what luxury means, bringing together fantastic objects like The Golden Fleece Headpiece. Giovanni Corvaja took 2,500 hours to intricately weave 160 kilometres (100 miles) of 22 carat and 18 carat gold thread into this incredible headpiece. pics_02.jpg Studio Ruuger used goat leather, brass and 300 hours of the most remarkable craftsmanship to make each of two identical briefcases entitled Funeral of a Swallow, with decoration inspired by 16th and 17th century Flemish flower garland paintings. pics_04.jpg Nora Fok’s materials are modest, but her craftsmanship is exquisite. Bubble Bath (a luxury we can all relate to) is a necklace of bubbles created from fine nylon thread hand knitted around marbles. pics_06.jpg At Wallpaperdirect of course we’re no strangers to luxury in all its forms. Versailles Grand from the Folie collection by Cole & Son boasts a huge 137cm pattern width and a reassuringly luxurious price tag in keeping with its intricate Toile de Jouy design. pics_10.jpg The Palasini Collection from Designers Guild uses state of the art digital print to create a fantastic flock effect, giving a luxury look at a much more modest price. pics_12.jpg Kandola’s Jewel collection sparkles with Swarovski crystals on luxurious velvety flock. pics_08.jpg Of course, ten minutes to yourself might be your only luxury for today. So make the most of it. Put your feet up, shut your eyes… and dream!

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