Making a big impression: Mural wallpapers

Taking inspiration from one of the world's oldest decorative treatments, larger than life mural walls are popping up everywhere from hotel lobbies and restaurants to the most stylish homes. With an increasing appetite for murals, many designers are including them in their latest wallpaper collections. Expert printing techniques mean that this new wave of murals have made spectacular, show-stopping and arresting artwork available to all. It's time to dream big.....

Coordonné Folies 9300070

Above: Folies by Coordonné

Here is a wall that commands some attention! Exuberant palatial romance combined with a hint of Versailles nostalgia, bordered by the finest drapery. It’s true that some murals need a bit of space, and this is definitely one of those, but look how it easy it would be to place the furniture – all it requires is a bit of symmetry. It would be absolutely dreamy behind an inviting bed.


Elizabeth Ockford Horizon

Above: Horizon by Elizabeth Ockford

Murals need not dominate the scheme. This mesmerising ombré effect replicates a distant horizon, making the room appear bigger and more tranquil. There are no worries about where to place the furniture here, it’s as simple as a painted wall.

Boråstapeter Serengeti 1194

Above: Serengeti by Boråstapeter

If walls could talk…. with beautiful illustrative detail and full of character, this large scale mural is like an unfolding story book. Creating a place to escape and fuelling the imagination, it would be perfect for a child’s room. The muted colour scheme makes for easy accessorising.

1838 Bird Sonnet Mural instructions

Above: Bird Sonnet Mural by 1838 Wallcoverings

An eye-catching feature pattern recalling the fashion for chinoiserie amongst the aristocracy in England throughout the 18th century. Captivating songbirds are perched proudly amongst orchid branches in this stunning design with surprising botanical creatures hidden amongst the leaves and flowers.

The size of this mural is W170cm x H300cm (W66.93ins x H118.11ins) and comes with these simple instructions for ease of hanging.

1838 Trailing Magnolia instructions

Above: Trailing Magnolia Mural by 1838 Wallcoverings

Stunning in its simplicity, this self-coloured floral design is created with delicate shadow effects of trailing magnolia flowers gently fading into the softly textured background. 

Finished size W208cm x H300cm (W81.88ins x H118.11ins), it comes as 4 panels with easy to follow instructions.

Coordonné Azulejos 9000084

Above: Azulejos by Coordonné

Sometimes a mural becomes more than decoration, it becomes spectacular, show-stopping and arresting artwork. Anyone entering this lofty space will know that the owner of this room is fantastically chic, stylish and effortlessly cool. This is a true wonder wall.

Albany Majorelle 99341

Above: Majorelle by Albany

This is how you solve the problem of where to put the furniture when your mural is maximalist: the design is top- down, drawing the eye upwards. Here the wall has big, big impact but leaves space for the other details chosen to complement it.

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