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Anima is an exciting, colourful wallpaper collection from Coordonné by a callaboration of artists united by their passion for the natural world.

Let’s find out more… Andrea Zarraluqui devours books about plants and botanics, and has turned her passion into her profession and from there we can see her colourful world filled with flora and fauna.

In the designs which she has created for Anima we find oak branches, hanging acorns, cheetahs, toucans and giant banana leaves. These designs bring to life the rich botanical world that surrounds us, while using a tropical influence so ubiquitous in today’s interiors. It’s no coincidence that the toucan is one of the protagonists of these wallpapers. She uses it as a recurring character throughout her work and has even given him a name ‘Max’.

‘Nature inspires me in almost everything I do and I find it in botanics, the animal kingdom, the shades of green that surround us…. everything that I miss living in a city!

I love the idea of bringing nature indoors, without the need to move anywhere else.’


WD What’s your favourite city? AZ  New York City. I lived there for 3 years and I love the place.

WD Favourite colour? AZ  Has to be Green!

WD What’s your favourite Restaurant? AZ  La Parra in Madrid. It’s a classic restaurant which I’m passionate about.

WD Favourite Museum? AZ  El Prado in Madrid. Without a shadow of a doubt.

WD Something crazy you have done recently? AZ  Given up my 9-5 job!

WD Your favourite animal? AZ  My Labrador.

WD Something which you haven’t seen but would love to? AZ  There are too many to mention, but I would love to visit Botswana and the Delta.

WD A famous character or person? AZ  Model and muse Caroline de Magret.

WD Who inspires you the most? AZ  My Father.

WD Your favourite song to dance to? AZ  Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan.

WD A piece of advice? AZ  There’s always going to someone who you think does something better than you. Take life calmly and don’t compare yourself to others or try to compete. Concentrate on being happy.

WD Interior design style? AZ  I love Lazaro Rosa-Violan

WD A word which you can’t stop saying? AZ  I always say ‘seriously?’ and also ending all my sentences with ‘you know’? Infuriating!

Brianda Fitz-James Stuart is a textile designer, illustrator and DJ. With a delicate hand, subtle expression and good taste, this artist uses her designs to portray all that she thinks and feels; and as a result we get to see her most intimate universe.

After studying fashion design and completing a painting diploma in New York where she worked with painter Paul Balmer she returned to Madrid and began to design prints and work as a collaborator for various fanzines and publications. With a diverse and unique track record Brianda has become the artist/designer she is today.

In her Anima designs, Brianda wanted to convey scenes from nature on a different scale. From the outer cosmos to minute microcosms and moving from marine life to the tigers and zebras of the jungle. A striking and versatile collection in which she has invented both urban jungles and oceanic scenes and filled them with colour.

‘I constantly observe what’s around me and take ideas from many different sources… books, films, the internet and nature.’Brianda.jpg

Abraham Menendez also known as Abe the ape! He’s fun, passionate and adds a touch of humour to any situation. He’s an Illustrator, designer and born entrepreneur,

Abraham is inspired by the American movies of the 1950s; the style of the Midcentury and Irving Pen’s fashion photography. He uses them as a reference throughout his work. However, in the designs that he has created for the Anima collection, it’s nature which plays the biggest role and proves to be another strong element of inspiration. It’s here, according to the artist, that he finds his imagination can work without limits and forever discovers a new species of plant or animal during the creative process.

From here we see images of cranes, ducks, and stories from Tokyo. Designs which represent wildlife from the angle of colour and fun. With a nod the retro style, Abraham’s creations are set to cover your walls with ingenuity and personality.

‘Cartoons drive me crazy… I love those Disney characters like Donald Duck and Looney Tunes’

Abe.jpgAnima is a a wonderful, vibrant, energetic collection perfect for transforming your home and there’s a fantastic 20% Off ALL Cordonné collections until the 24th April…


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