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Mini Moderns’ definitive guide helps you make your home a Mid Century Modern masterpiece

Mid Century Modern living cover

At wallpaperdirect we love a good book. And if we can find one set in Mid Century Modern British homes then that’s right up our street.

So we were delighted to receive our copy of Mid Century Modern Living by Mini Moderns, which explores the influences that helped spawn their amazing Mid-Century pattern and colour. 

The book includes everything from iconic vintage Mid-Century furniture and fabrics to ideas for wallpaper, pattern and colour. They even include recommendations for inspirational field trips and cocktails that will round off a day’s Mid Century Modern decorating.

We’re treated to a collection of mid-century moods that make whole room looks. Take in the minimalism of Studio Townhouse (above) and joyful oranges, reds, yellows and sky blues in Let the Sunshine In (below).

Spread from Mini Modern's Mid Century Modern Living
Spread from Mini Modern's Mid Century Modern Living

Of course all this inspiration bursts through in their wallpaper design. TV aerials in Transmission contrast sharply with oriental charms in Lantern. And they’re all in stock and raring to go on wallpaperdirect, of course.

Mini Moderns are masters of the media, and they take us on a journey through TV times past including a selection of their influences from the screen and from print as well.

Mini Moderns TV, film and literature influences

And to top off a hard day’s Mid Century Modern decorating, the Moderns will restore your creative juices with delicious recipes for themed meals that will fit your new style, complete with a well earned cocktail.

So it’s a big Chin Chin from wallpaperdirect to Mini Moderns, as a style guru might have said in the sixties.

Mango Mojito – a drink to celebrate your decorating from Mini Moderns

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