New York – the decorator’s way!

Page-right-master_01.jpg I’m just back from a fact-finding (watch this space!) inspirational visit to the Big Apple. Huge and humming with excitement, and so familiar from film and TV you’ll be excused for thinking you’re in the middle of a living movie set.
So much to see, so much to do. My favourite five…
Fifth Avenue (of course)
The streets of all streets to shop. Saks Fifth Avenue, Versace, Tiffany and Co, Prada and Trump Tower dripping in its golden bling.
The Guggenheim
Frank Lloyd Wright’s design sweeps you up a unique spiral gallery setting a dramatic backdrop to wonderful collections including Picasso and Kandinsky.
Central Park
Open air escape – relax and recharge your batteries before you get back to the buzz.
Empire State Building
The art deco gem is so worth the wait in the queue. Panoramic views from the tallest perch in the city of course, but don’t miss the fantastic deco detailing, especially in the lift lobby.
Everything from action painting to multimedia performance at the Museum of Modern Art
Which do you like best? The fantastic Art Deco gilded frieze outside, or those Michael Kors handbags in the shop? Hmmm… thought so!
Could this be handbag heaven?
Gorgeous vintage prints by Carolina Herrera – and we know where you can get some very nice vintage budgie and floral wallpapers just like that ; )

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