We have a visit from the Farrow & Ball milk float, bearing bottles of colour loveliness

Nine new colours on your doorstep

Our customers at Brewers have just been treated to a visit from the marvellous Farrow & Ball milk float.

Now everybody loves a classic Farrow & Ball cream, and you can imagine how much we were looking forward to dipping our ladles into fresh Modern Emulsions from churns full of Dorset Cream or Farrow’s Cream.


Style diva (and secret milkman) Suzie couldn’t resist trying the milkman’s hat on for size. Very fetching! Untitled-1_05.jpg

But the 2016 stars of the milk float show are the nine shiny (or matt) new Farrow & Ball 2016 colours. No F&B colour launch would be complete without their trademark unfathomable names, and Salon Drab and Vardo are set to join the likes of Mole’s Breath and Clunch in the Farrow & Ball hall of fame.

Untitled-1_11.jpgUntitled-1_12.jpgUntitled-1_13.jpg Untitled-1_14.jpgUntitled-1_15.jpgUntitled-1_16.jpg Untitled-1_17.jpgUntitled-1_18.jpgUntitled-1_19.jpg

The whole F&B colour card was presented in a rack of milk bottles, with the new colours wrapped in 2016 ribbons to help us pick them out.


Designerpaint offers the whole Farrow & Ball range in every finish, including the delicious nine new colours. So order your tester pots today and get your paint pinta delivered direct to your doorstep!

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