Pumpkin orange on binbag black for Halloween

Orange on black

Halloween comes but once a year, bringing with it black cats, witches’ hats and pumpkin orange. For one night only bright orange pumpkins adorn the windowsills of trick or treat friendly houses all across the land, grinning their devilish greetings to a procession of fancy-dressed revellers. Orange set against black makes a precocious statement that’s hard to ignore. So why stop at the pumpkin? A lick of black paint could give that perfectly-carved pumpkin the dramatic backdrop it surely craves. And why stop at Halloween? Almost-blacks will go with anything you put in front of them, making heroes out of perfectly ordinary tints all year round. Thanks this week to interiordesign2014.com, homeinharmonia.com, the Paws Pet Photography Book and cdn.home-designing.com for these inspiring images. Click the pics to pick a paint (with even a splash of cat’s eye thrown in). Decoratethishallowseve_01.jpg Decoratethishallowseve_03.jpg Decoratethishallowseve_05.jpg Decoratethishallowseve_07.jpg Decoratethishallowseve_09.jpg Decoratethishallowseve_11.jpg

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