Wallpapers hand picked for the man in your life for father’s day. Yes, really!

Papers for paters

Father’s Day approaches once again, and as is the custom at wallpaperdirect, we’re lining up a little spot of decorating for our more practically disposed boys.

As we all know, men love decorating. So what better treat this coming weekend then to indulge their manliness with a selection of wallpapers chosen to bring a wistful, manly grin to the most macho features?

Now of course, all men aren’t the same, far from it. Some prefer beer to wine, others cycling to golf and stamp collecting to model railways. We’ve scoured the WD archives to find a something for every kind of dad.

Mr Organised

Always clear about what to do when the rest of us have dissolved into emotional jelly, Mr Organised approaches his decorating rationally and thoroughly, with everything in it’s place.





Fond friends with Mr Organised, Mr DIY believes that everything can benefit from just that little bit of improvement, which he will be delighted to supply.

Mr DIY will be very happy to detail his approach to any branch of home improvement. On Father’s Day, make him happy by pretending to listen to this for five minutes without glazing over.


Mr Wistful

With his shed full of whimsical mementos assembled over many years of hobby-dabbling and living life almost to the full, Mr Wistful is at his happiest re-living the good old days through his carefully curated accumulation of er, junk.


Mr Sporty

The more gadgets and kit a pastime involves, the better Mr Sporty will like it. Mr Sporty will ironically spend too much time in front of the computer, ordering bits for his bike/boat/skateboard/golf bag and sharing his adventures on Strava. Runners are the worst, amassing trainers like Emelda Marcos collected shoes.



Mr Back to Nature

Away from it all in the back of beyond, Mr Back to Nature lives in harmony with the natural world around him. Normally mild-mannered and considerate, our lovely Mr Back to Nature becomes a fierce beast when confronted by the unsportsmanly Mr Sporties who hunt, shoot and fish in their natural habitat.


Mr Man’s Man

A legend in his own lunchtime, Mr Man’s Man smiles into the mirror and a demigod smiles back. What would we do without our own Roman emperor around the house? Anything we like. He wouldn’t be there to put his foot down!


Mr Hipster

With his cutting edge sense of style only outdone by his gravitas, Mr Hipster loves a bit of art and irony. Mr Hipster will curate the decoration for our whole house. Thanks Mr Hipster!


Super Dad

Of course, with his good looks, charming smile, great sense of humour and endless patience, our dad can do anything. Except grow out of his childish fascination with super hero comics, love him!


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