Our all year round wallpaper cure for the holiday blues.

Post-holiday blues

August has shed its Summer shorts and September has packed them away in the bottom drawer for another year. The holidays are over, the kids are back to school and we’re all back to work – boo! In a search for a cure for our listlessness we’ve just looked up ‘Post-holiday blues’ on Wikipedia. Under the ‘Treatment’ heading it says:

Some may find comfort in re-living their holiday/vacation experiences, for example, if one really enjoyed jet-skiing during their holiday, they may purchase their very own jet-ski for personal use.

That jet ski is probably a bit beyond our humble blog, but in that same spirit we’ve put our heads together to bring you our own collection of happy holiday blues to conjour up the carefree spirit of holiday every time you look at your own four walls.

Sky blues

Try with a touch of pinky terracotta to bring back those Southern European skylines. Post-holiday-blues_01.jpg Post-holiday-blues_05.jpg Post-holiday-blues_03.jpg

A dip in the pool blues

Instant relief from that searing summer sunshine with a long cool drink and a gripping summer read. Post-holiday-blues_15.jpg Post-holiday-blues_17.jpg Post-holiday-blues_19.jpg Post-holiday-blues_21.jpg

Ceramic blues

Elaborately pattered moorish wall tiles, salads served in the shade on hand painted plates… Post-holiday-blues_07.jpg Post-holiday-blues_11.jpg Post-holiday-blues_13.jpg Post-holiday-blues_09.jpg

Navy blues

Ship’s captains, airline pilots… Post-holiday-blues_23.jpg Post-holiday-blues_25.jpg Post-holiday-blues_27.jpg Post-holiday-blues_29.jpg Wikipedia goes on to say:

Another well known method of curing post vacation blues is to plan or book the next vacation, this offers a distraction and also provides the person something to look forward to.

Amen to that!

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