Delicate pinks, peaches, mints and skies

Pretty pastel palettes

Delicate pink cherry blossoms are bursting out against powder blue spring skies carrying fluffy whisps of cloud. Baby rabbits frisk in the fields as little lambs gambol and play under the new evening sun… 3rd_01.jpg And we found this remarkable nest in the wallpaperdirect garden. It looks like the Easter Bunny (you know he’s real) and the Spring Chicken (OK – we made her up) have got together to deliver us a surprise of lovely little chocolate eggs covered in the sweetest, crunchiest sugar coating in the most delicate colours. 3rd_03.jpg Of course in the name of good journalism we’ll need to check that these are in fact real chocolate eggs. So while we busy ourselves with that most onerous task we don’t want you to feel left out, so why don’t you sample a few of our sweetest pastel papers and paints? 3rd_05.jpg3rd_06.jpg 3rd_08.jpg3rd_09.jpgUntitled-1_10.jpgUntitled-1_11.jpg3rd_12.jpg3rd_13.jpg3rd_14.jpg3rd_15.jpg3rd_16.jpg Now there’s tasty… We think you’ll agree, there’s more than one sweet and delicious way to you indulge yourself this holiday!

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