Sanderson Vintage 2 fabrics and wallpapers

A very vintage vibe

Retro fabrics and wallpapers are everywhere. Echoing the graphic, modernist styles of the 1950s and 60s, they conjure up a period feel in a modern design. Meanwhile, Sanderson take a different approach. They can trawl their remarkable archive to bring us truly authentic prints from the fifties, forties and even thirties that can faithfully recreate the period look. Back in 2011 Sanderson helped spark off the mid-century revival when they re-issued Lucienne Day’s iconic Mobiles design. This year they’re at the vanguard of vintage, moving the focus further back with a collection exploring exquisite designs from the thirties, forties and fifties with the gorgeous Vintage 2 collection. Fabrics include Hollyhocks from 1937, which we’re offering in four colourways. Untitled-1_06.jpg Bold stripes combine with roses in full bloom in Cecile Untitled-1_04.jpg The delicately balanced colours of Chelsea from 1957 will deliver the most beautiful all over rose bouquet to greet you with a smile every day. Untitled-1.jpg Flamingos wallpaper contrasts the detail of the florals with a bold, flat chalky distressed graphic style. Untitled-1_02.jpg Tally ho is a quirky hunting tableau, repainted from a 1948 original. Untitled-1_10.jpg So, is it time for mid-century modern to move over? Is the veracity of the vintage vibe really where it’s at? Something tells me Sanderson have started something here – again!

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