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Small is beautiful

In the remarkable week when the wonderful Leicester City won the English Premier League title wearing second hand boots tied up with string, and with only ten players…

We thought this was the perfect time to celebrate little. And no, this time we don’t mean the lovely Osborne & Little, but the remarkable little boutique design houses that punch well above their respective weights to bring the world of interiors some of its most gorgeous wallpapers.

St. Vitus kick us off with the lovely Cygnus

Ella Doran’s defence is as solid as a rock with her concrete Geo


At half time, the birds are neck and neck in Wedgwood Home’s Fabled Crane


And Barbara Hulanicki’s Skulls throw in a series of unrelenting headers to snatch a beautiful victory from the very jaws of horrible defeat.


Visit our wallpapers page then filter by brand and choose brands with less than 20 papers. We think you’ll agree, small is definitely beautiful. We wish we’d had a tenner on Leicester!

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