Spring blossom – fleeting beauty

Benefits of living the (slower) life.

Our apple tree is full of gorgeous Spring blossom just outside our lockdown kitchen window, tempting me away from my laptop (of course I resist!). 

Now’s the time to enjoy the simple things when we just take that little bit more time to slow down and notice things that make us happy.

It’s beautiful – soft delicate pink against vibrant green leaves and (lucky for us right now) sunny blue skies to boost the mood.

The anticipation of the apples to come later in the year is a fruity bonus. Last year we bagged 21 bags for life and hung them on the railings outside for passers buy to take. They left us notes about juicing and crumbles. Maybe this year we’ll try pressing to make cider…

Even if it’s only for a short time each day it’s important to catch our breath and live in the moment. To be aware of the little things in life.

Keep hold of that beautiful blossom that little bit longer…

Pink apple blossom by Nina Campbell
Orchard Blossom by Nina Campbell
Eau de nil color way Spring blossom by Petronella Hall
Blossom Eau de Nil by Petronella Hall
Blossom & Bird by Lorna Syson
Blousy blossom in a traditional style from GP & J Baker
Emperor's Garden by G P & J Baker
Blush background and white blossom from GP & J Baker
Emperor's Garden by G P & J Baker (Blush)
Graphic stylised blossom
Blossom by Galerie

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