Look out your window, what do you see? Maybe a little sunshine’s bringing smiles our way.

Sunny with a chance of smiles

We’ve just booked an Airbnb to Bergen in Norway for the Summer. Will we see the Northern Lights? Asked the kids. So I Googled it and no, no chance in August (Bergen’s quite a way South) and very little chance we’ll see much night sky at all, with the Summer sun lasting way into the late, late evening. It turns out Norway is as long top to bottom as the distance from London to North Africa, so reassuringly we’ll be a huge distance from the Artic circle, where the stoic citizens of Tromsø have just emerged from a whole winter without seeing the sun at all. Ouch! Sun-up.jpgPhoto by Jan Inge Larsen I know the Northern Lights are great and everything, but I’d rather spend those long Summer evenings splashing in the fjords than shivering under a Northern sky, no matter how magical. And with our own British skies supplying a late February splash of sun, I thought we’d bring Spring forward with a warm golden glow for your walls. November Michael here, by Liberty Fabric tosses fruit, flowers and leaves in a lovely sunny salad. Blog_06.jpg Architects Paper’s Brighton Pavilion Palm plunders British heritage to conjour the sun and warmth of tropical climes. Blog_04.jpg C Brewer and Sons continue the jolly heritage theme with this Toile. Blog_12.jpg Cole & Son’s Coral puts warm sunny seas on your walls. Blog_02.jpg …and their tiled Piccadilly is a smile in a wallpaper. Blog_14.jpg Little Greene’s Stitch is happiness in itself. Combined here with their Mr David paint, it brings on a grin so wide you could end up in stitches yourself. Blog_08.jpg So take our advice and get yourself a little yellow on those walls, and bring a sunny smile to your home, wherever it is.

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