Talking wallpaper design with Isabelle Boxall

Immersing yourself in Isabelle Boxall’s second collection, Botanical Garden, is like stepping into a paradise….beautifully illustrated botanical wallpapers featuring colourful birds, insects and butterflies in all their fabulous abundance. As well as her signature English garden flower designs, Isabelle now ventures into the tropics with lush orchids, birds of paradise and exotic butterflies. These magnificent wallpapers come alive with wonderfully observed detail and colour.

Above: Foxglove Garden

Modern botanicals are huge in interior design right now as we re-connect with our gardens, parks and open spaces. The unrivalled beauty of flowers in full bloom is celebrated in this wallpaper, inspired by a trip to Hampton Court Flower Show it celebrates the perfection of an English country garden border in full bloom. 

Above: Birds of Paradise

The perfect place for immersing the imagination in lush, tropical, luxury must be the bathroom! Here the Birds of Paradise wallpaper has been cleverly hung above the splash zone; the use of two paint colours is both practical and stylish and gives a lavish designer finish to the wall. A large houseplant will always make a tropical room come to life.

Paint Colours: Albany X Ideal Home

Green: All about Eve / Blue: Duffel

Above: Passiflora

Fruit and flower designs are ideal for kitchens and dining areas, with the fruits often providing a cheerful colour-pop. This Passiflora wallpaper has a true to life scale (which is often a feature in Isabelle’s designs) and allows the foliage to mimic the climbing upwards of the plant in real life.

Above:  Flight of  Monarchs

The annual migration of North America’s Monarch butterfly is a unique and amazing phenomenon and is the inspiration for this exquisite wallpaper. The overlaying of fine art drawings of the butterflies in motion creates depth and movement and a breathtaking display for your walls. Shown spectacularly here in a study, we think this would look truly wonderful on a ceiling too!

Above: Orchid Jungle

This striking wallpaper is presented in two exciting colour combinations, shown here on a dramatic black ground it is also available on cool, crisp white – shown below. The darker design has a sophisticated glamour, whilst the lighter version has a more relaxed, easy living vibe. Using each colourway in adjacent rooms would create a shift in mood whilst maintaining harmonious flow.

Above:  Orchid Jungle

Above:  Autumn Hydrangea

Many people remember hydrangea shrubs from their childhood; today we are falling in love with them all over again. This wallpaper perfectly captures the seasonal transformation of their dazzling display, as the large globes of flowers and leaves dry back to leave lace- like traces of their forms. This design is both romantic in theme and contemporary in scale and is the perfect wallpaper for a thoroughly modern floral scheme. The trick here is to keep the textiles neutral but not plain – soft stripes, natural textures and faded monochromes balance the room.

Above: Birds of Paradise

Panelling is a huge trend in home decor and it is surprisingly simple to do it yourself – there are lots of tutorials and demos online – and it is being increasingly used as the new take on the feature wall. Perfect for displaying your favourite wallpaper in moderation and treating it like artwork – just remember to pattern match it perfectly in each panel for a professional finish.

Paint colour: Albany X Ideal Home/ Summer Smoothie

Above and below:  Angel Trumpets

A sumptuous wallpaper design featuring exotic angel trumpets in full flower, with beautiful jewel coloured hummingbirds and sweet butterflies. Available in two colourways, shown here in the dramatic, darker version; this is for the rooms that are about opulence and splendour. We suggest decorating the skirting and woodwork in black, or pick out a mid- tone colour for a chic and sophisticated finish. Velvet upholstery and warm gold toned accessories are always the best partners to dark walls.

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